ORO24 Headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility that radiates a welcoming ambiance. Our brand is built on exceptional experiences for our employees, partners and customers.

From having a central and convenient headquarter location to the principal design and features retained within, every detail of the infrastructure has been meticulously put together to provide an unparalleled experience to everybody.

Inspired by the Italian word for GOLD, and 24 indicating the purest form of it, Read More


OZONE is a custom-designed multipurpose hall that offers an upbeat environment to rejuvenate your mind and body. It is a dedicated zone for employees to unwind relax and improving their creativity and productivity.

OZONE is a holistic venue that combines entertainment, education, fitness, and wellbeing. It has a movie screen, a library, a Health Club, a karaoke station, a kitchen and space for employee dining.


Building a healthy workforce, the Health Club @ Ozone is built to reduce stress, enhance mood and stimulate brain functioning.


A place to learn, re learn and upgrade your skills. The library at Ozone stocks a variety of books from all spectrums of life to cater to the bookworm in you.


A cinema-grade screen with Dolby Digital Surround system, enabling employees to enjoy their favorite movies with popcorn.


Fostering a culture of employees enjoying fresh snacks in office, the kitchen provides a range of healthy options for employees to bite-in at subsidized prices.


Giving employees an opportunity to let their hair down and have a gala time, OZONE houses drums and Guitars for lively Karaoke sessions.


For the convenience of our employees and guests, Ozone has dedicated prayer rooms for both men and women.


Cafe ORO is our popular hangout within the headquarters where the employees and guests relish premium coffee blends and other delightful beverages while interacting and brainstorming fresh business ideas.


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