One of the best examples of safety is how Dubai handled the COVID-19 pandemic

Looking at Dubai’s history over the past twenty years, one would be fascinated by how this city has transformed and grown from a dream to a beautiful reality. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the consistent efforts of Dubai’s leaders who ensured safety to be the main pillar for stability. Dubai is ranked today as one of the safest cities in the world in every aspect. The low crime rate with a highly responsive emergency system makes the city a popular destination for residency, investment, business or tourism, which is remarkable, considering the city never sleeps. The city welcomes people from across the globe and promotes tolerance for all people regardless of ethnicity or religious belief, making it the most peaceful coexistence. It’s not just in the civic administration, but safety is in the DNA of Dubai. The city has laid down the most stringent laws in real estate development for protection against crime, disaster, health hazard and mishaps. The governing laws make investment extremely fast Atif Rahman Director-Partner of Danube Properties and safe in every sector protecting the rights of all the parties. There have been several efforts and special drive put in place for road safety. Keeping in mind the open borders and extremely high volume of transiting passengers, the border security has been impeccable. Extremely important matters of child safety, drug abuse, e-crime and many modern-day hazards are difficult to exist in this super safe city. So how does it happen? Its not that safety does not get challenged in the city of Dubai; the authorities remain vigilant and demonstrate governance, swift decision, regulatory framework, and innovative infrastructure along with strict action to keep its people safe. The visionary leadership has intent and care for its people. One of the best examples of safety is how Dubai handled the COVID-19 pandemic; the government took bold and swift decisions. The result of which can be seen through the stretch of the nation with busy streets and bustling restaurants. The people of the UAE felt blessed as the government performed its role better than every other country and now you see people from other countries flocking to the UAE as a safe haven for their family. Amongst many priorities, two things every human wants to be in control of are happiness and future; it starts from safety; Dubai understands and delivers better than any other metropolis.